Students of Color Resources


Young people of color face increasing health disparities in the United States that impact multiple levels of their learning and life. When it comes to mental health especially, students of color tend to have greater unmet mental health needs relative to white students (1). At the New York School-Based Health Alliance, we believe in advocating and supporting students of all different racial and ethnic backgrounds and recognize the importance of equitable care when it comes to addressing these health disparities. School-Based Health Centers (SBHCs) have an important role in outreach to these students and creating the safe school environment that will positively impact students of color. Below are some resources for SBHCs and staff, students of color, and parents/caregivers of students of color. 

Resources for SBHCs and Staff

Resources for Students of Color

Resources for Parents/Caregivers

Literature on SBHCs and Racial Health Disparities

For a full database on published literature related to School-based health centers and how they can help address racial health disparities visit the SBHC Literature Database built by the National School-Based Health Alliance. Below are some papers we believe highlight the important role of SBHCs  in addressing and building awareness around how racism impacts the health and wellness of students of color.