The 2023 Responsible 100
A selection of selfless New Yorkers serving the common good
December 2023

These selfless leaders are among the countless New Yorkers who are quietly toiling to create a better world for others, and each year City & State identifies 100 of these leaders whose efforts merit a moment of well-deserved recognition. As the year comes to a close and we reflect on what’s most important in life, we put a spotlight on a select group of individuals who exemplify what it means to be socially responsible.

Chhabra, Director for the Montefiore School Health Program with 30+ SBHCs, the nation’s largest, was honored:

Rosy Chhabra

Community Health Director, Montefiore School Health Program Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Rosy Chhabra / Montefiore

Job description

I lead the largest hospital-sponsored school health program in the country that provides comprehensive medical, dental, mental health, vision and community-based services to students and their families in about 100 elementary, middle and high schools throughout the Bronx, with a catchment population of more than 38,000 children and adolescents. This work is rewarding as we get to see the positive impact of our work on a daily basis. Providing health care to children on demand encourages trust building in the health system and increases health literacy in the new generation as they become stewards of their health.

Defining social responsibility

To me, it means to be a part of and contribute individually and organizationally in a meaningful sustainable way to the community. As part of the bigger health system, our school-based health program has a true commitment to creating access to high-quality comprehensive health care for children in public schools in the Bronx community. We are accountable to the community and serve our children and families in an environmentally justified way.

Best advice

All good thoughts and ideas mean nothing without action.

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