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Increased investments in Medicaid rates supported by the Greater NY Hospital Association:  While the State intended to provide a one-time 2% trend factor increase for hospitals and a 1.5% increase for nursing homes in 2018, those increases were more than wiped out by the 1.5% cut the Executive budget would restore. While we strongly support eliminating the 1.5% cut, this merely brings us back to payment amounts from early 2020, prior to the pandemic. Therefore, hospitals and nursing homes have had no true Medicaid rate inflation increases since 2008. GNYHA supports increasing the 1% for hospitals and nursing homes to keep pace with current inflation and to make up for 14 years of no inflation updates.

Extended (Delayed) SBHC's Carved-Out Medicaid Managed Care

  •  The final Article VII Health and Mental Hygiene budget bill, provides that  services provided in SBHCs shall not be provided to medical assistance recipients through managed care programs until at least April 1, two thousand twenty-three.
  • See Health and Mental Hygiene Article VII budget bill (S2507-C/A3007-C), page 40, Part JJ, attached, for additional details.

New York's SBHCs 2021-2022 Budget Win!

  • School- Based Health Centers have received full funding from the Executive as well as a $3, 824,000 legislative add in the NYS 2021-2022 State Budget! The total amount of funding is at the same level as SFY 2020-21. 
  • SBHCs will maintain the $17,098,000 in funds provided in the 2021-2022 proposed State Executive Budget.

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