Oral Health Resources


School-based health centers (SBHCs) provide high-quality, affordable dental health services, including both preventive and restorative care, thereby improving children’s oral health. Research shows that SBHCs a reach children at high risk of oral disease by providing education, prevention and treatment.(1) Furthermore, when it comes to Oral Health, SBHCs can be more effective than community-based dental clinics, across a wide range of indicators, and “provide a natural location [for] preventive and responsive dental care.”(2).
Below are resources for SBHCs, Parents/Caregivers tand Students to review to learn more about the importance of oral health.

Resources for SBHCs and Staff

Resources for Parents/Caregivers

Resources for Students

Literature on SBHCs and Oral Health

For a full database on published literature related to School-based health centers and Oral Health visit the SBHC Literature Database built by the National School-Based Health Alliance. Below are some papers we believe highlight the important role of SBHCs in providing Oral Health services to students.