Immigration Resources

The New York School-Based Health Alliance believes in a world where all students have access to health care, regardless of their immigration status. Red cards help people assert their rights and defend themselves in many situations, such as when ICE agents go to a home or school.  You can print your own in 9 different languages by clicking the button above or place an order here.

Resources for SBHCs and Staff


We are committed to ensuring that all children feel safe visiting a SBHC (school-based health center). Many students feel comfortable visiting their SBHC because they know staff can provide high-quality care, support, and guidance. With some students there is often anxiety surrounding accessing healthcare due to their immigration status or the status of their family. We developed the following list of resources for SBHCs to create safe and accessible environments in which all students feel welcome.

  • Resources for SBHCs to support Undocumented Students : this module is a four-part exercise piece that was created with the intention of helping SBHC staff initiate and navigate conversations around immigration, what it means to be undocumented in this country, how to be a good ally, and how to really hold space for young people in a way that makes them feel safe to voice, vent, and discuss the everyday feelings that they experience. 
  • Public Health Actions for Immigrant Rights: a short guide to protecting undocumented residents and their families for the benefit of Public Health and all society
  • DACA & resources for schools: The rhetoric of this election has left many immigrant children and families worried about their future and protection in this country. The Immigrant Legal Resource Center has created many resources to inform, prepare, and protect immigrants. ILRC created a document with talking points on DACA and resources for schools as they play a critical role in supporting immigrant families.
  • Immigrant rights in schools and health facilities – The National Immigration Law Center hosted this webinar sharing the strategies and actions that schools and health facilities can take to protect undocumented students and patients. The presentation discusses campus safety policies, policies to protect patient information in healthcare, developments around DACA, and mobilization efforts.
  • Caring for Immigrant Patients: health centers serve underserved communities and vulnerable populations by decreasing barriers to accessing health care services. Patients may include immigrant populations. The following resources may be helpful for health centers and health care providers who care for diverse patient populations.

Resources for Students and Families

We also have included resources for students and their families. Regardless of immigration status, all people in the U.S. have certain rights and protections under the U.S. Constitution. While it is our hope that you never have to encounter immigration officials (ICE) in your school or in your SBHC, it is important to have a plan in place to help reduce the stress of the unexpected; most importantly, to know what steps to take in which case you do or your child does. 

  • New York State Immigrant Resource Guide: resources range from language services to how to report an incidence of discrimination to health services. 
  • NYC Office of Citywide Health Insurance Access: Provides information of health resources that are available to immigrants, regardless of immigration status.
  • An Immigrant’s Guide to Accessing Healthcare in New York: Information for documented and undocumented  immigrants
  • Health Resources and Services Administration: here you can find low-cost or free programs. It is undocumented friendly. Eligibility is based on income and if one has health insurance or not. This website offers several types of services from finding a health center in their database to specific condition/illness programs. It offers other links as well to specific programs such as for substance abuse and mental health.
  • Informed Immigrant’s Mental Health Guide: informed Immigrant, a collective of immigrant-serving organizations, lawyers, technologists, and allies dedicated to working with the undocumented immigrant community, has created the guide: “Mental Health: Taking Care of Yourself and Loved Ones,” which has resources for caring for loved ones, finding emotional support, recognizing anxiety, and cultivating joy.
  • New Sanctuary Coalition Resources: know your rights resources including how to prepare for an ICE raid, court information and how to handle law enforcement. Also includes resources through The New Sanctuary Coalition such as their immigration clinic and options to finding sanctuary in NYC.

Literature on SBHCs and Immigrant Youth Health

For a full database on published literature related to School-based health centers and Immigrant Youth Health visit the SBHC Literature Database built by the National School-Based Health Alliance. Below are some papers we believe highlight the important role of SBHCs in Immigrant Youth Health.