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Most Recent Projects:

NYCT Grant
The New York Community Trust board approved a grant of $20,000 November 2017 to New York School-Based Health Foundation to build the capacity of an organization that advocates for New York City’s school-based health centers. The Foundation is utilizing this funding to build on three initiatives: organizational visibility, creation of a school-based health peer audit program, and groundwork to develop a Center for Excellence.

Previous Projects:

The Foundation was one of several state organizations involved in a two year grant project through 2017 with Regional Asthma Management and Prevention (RAMP) through the Public Health Institute in California. The project, funded by the Environmental Protection Agency, entailed:

Collecting and Disseminating Best Practices by collaborating with RAMP to identify SBHCs from the state already addressing environmental asthma triggers to be featured in case studies and by assisting in the completion of the Asthma Environmental Intervention Guide for SBHCs

Designing and Conducting a State Training and Supporting a National Learning Collaborative  by collaborating with RAMP to conduct and coordinate a half-day training in the state as well as supporting training at the national level

The New York School-Based Health Foundation grew out of the former NYS Coalition for School Based Health Centers, which was re-branded as an affiliate of the National School Based Health Alliance and is now recognized as the New York School-Based Health Alliance. Complementing the member and advocacy focus of the Alliance, the Foundation is the ©3 non-profit arm with a broad mission of education, research and support for the growth and expansion of SBHCs, as well as improving access for all children and youth statewide.

Our Mission:

  • To fund education and research endeavors to increase understanding of the school-based model
  • Improve access to comprehensive, high-quality primary care, including medical, mental, oral, and community health services, for all children and youth statewide through school-based health centers by promoting high-quality service delivery in partnership with the Alliance
  • Promote growth and expansion of school-based health centers.


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