A New And Exciting Opportunity for NYS SBHCs

NYSBHA is partnering with the NYSBH Foundation to offer a unique opportunity to pilot a statewide data hub for SBHCs.
This pilot will help us to see what the field looks like with a clarity we’ve never had before – read below for more details about the hub, our upcoming 2 year pilot and how to participate!  

Have you ever wished that all of the sbhc visit data you’ve submitted quarterly and annually would result in dynamic reports you could create yourself, like this one? 

The example above is a statewide snapshot of the primary care services offered by New Mexico’s sbhcs; it is one of many richly illustrative and compelling data ‘stories’ sbhcs can tell by utilizing a data system through Apex, an evaluation company.  Apex developed statewide SBHC Data Repositories or “Hubs” for both New Mexico and Colorado, and now, their EHR data flows into a hub and dynamic reporting flows back out to its users. Take a look at  New Mexico’s Four Year Report to understand the broad range of data and reporting made possible with a statewide data hub.

Here in New York, we would like to offer our members the same opportunity: a system that can generate state reports at the touch of a button; salient, compelling statewide data to support our advocacy efforts; and focused data providing insights into how sponsors, centers and regions are performing. Critical to SBHCs is the capacity to analyze, compare and improve performance and document the outcomes of SBHCs. Currently, we are one of the only health care sectors in the state operating without such a resource. 


NYS SBHC Data Hub Pilot

Building on an initial survey of NYSBHA members which demonstrated a critical gap in available statewide data, Alliance and Foundation leaders engaged Apex to conduct a feasibility study guided by a task-force of volunteer sbhc professionals. The study, recently completed by Apex (see their Evaluability Study Webinar presented to the task-force), laid the groundwork to submit proposals to funders for a pilot project.

Pilot Funding
As the 501(c)3 research ‘arm’ of the Alliance, the Foundation has secured funding from several prestigious foundations for this two-year pilot project. Combined with funding provided to NYSBHA by the NYS Assembly and Assembly Health Chair Richard Gottfried, we will test EHR extraction capabilities under the guidance of expert consultants and our sbhc task-force.

Interested in Joining This Pilot Project? 

We are seeking 4-6 sponsors with up to 2 centers for each sponsor to be onboarded in Year 1 (2020) and 2-6 sponsors with up to 3 centers for each sponsor to be onboarded in Year 2 (2021).  We hope to have the initial slate of pilot sites ready for onboarding in mid-January.

Ideal candidates will have the following:

  • Ability to execute a Business Associates Agreement (BAA) with Apex within the first 30 days for Year 1 (or if the agreement process takes longer, for the second year of the pilot). Apex has a BAA they can send to your sponsoring organization, or they are happy to sign your organizations BAA if preferred.
  • A supportive and responsive IT department willing to devote approximately 16-20 hours to work on EHR integration for data extraction during the first 2 months
  • A champion at the sponsor level who can devote approximately 16 hours during the first month and a few hours per month thereafter to coordinate with Apex on EHR visit data, an Operational Plan to collect other data elements needed or state reporting, and providing feedback on other reports to be generated by the data hub.

Foundation funding will offset costs to pilot participants to set up the EHR extraction and to establish a connection with Apex and may provide incentive funding (based on costs).

Please contact Sarah Murphy at nysbha@gmail.com by December 23rd with the following information if you would like to be considered for this pilot:
Name of sponsoring organization
Name of contact and contact email and phone number

Please use the subject line Data Pilot Participation in your email. Those selected will be contacted in early January to begin the MOU and onboarding process with Apex.

Contact us at 518.694.3423 or nysbha@gmail.com