Vaccines won’t be required for most students, and masking will be optional for those who haven’t recently been infected.

New York City schools will shed many of its COVID prevention strategies from the past two years, according to new education department guidance posted Tuesday for the 2022-23 school year.

When the nation’s largest school system starts on Sept. 8, students will no longer be required to fill out a daily health screener to enter the building. Schools will no longer swab a portion of students and staff for COVID, as Chalkbeat reported earlier this month. But they’ll continue giving out at-home tests.

Masking will continue to be optional but will be required for students and staff who return to school five days after testing positive for COVID.

And, while vaccines will still be required for staff and visitors, they won’t be mandated for students unless they are participating in sports or extracurriculars.

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  AUG 17, 2022