Conference 2021: Session Descriptions

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Tuesday 11/9 

Kick-off for Day 1
Day one of our two-afternoon conference begins with a mini-keynote: supportive words from a longtime SBHC advocate Bob Mackey, who has served children in schools in central NY for more than twenty years. We asked Bob to kick things off for us this year, and as someone who understands that health is the foundation for success, he was happy to oblige.
Presenter: Robert Mackey
2:10 to 2:30 pm

Building Telehealth Capacity: SBHCs Talk About Their Experiences in a Grant-Funded Program of the NYSBH Foundation – Concurrent 1
This facilitated session will be devoted to peer sharing by our telehealth pilot participants, allowing them to speak both with each other and to the audience about their grant-funded initiatives (challenges & successes) and plans for the future. Starting with a “speed round,” pilot participants will share experiences, followed by select topics these varied and creative telehealth projects brought to light via project implementation.
Presenters: Katy Cook and Lisa Perry as facilitators and our pilot participants
2:30 to 3:25

Solving School-Based Health Care’s Rubik’s Cube  – Concurrent 2
Rubik’s cube provides a useful construct for understanding our school-based health care system. The Cube has three interacting dimensions in the X-, Y-, and Z-planes, respectively: health care’s triple aim (improved quality, health, and value), stakeholders (governments, organizations, clinicians, and students), and dissemination and implementation (awareness, acceptance, and application). Rubik’s cube will be used to highlight New York City’s closure of school-based dental and health centers during the pandemic. Tags: advocacy, oral health, strategy
Presented by Richard Niederman, DMD
2:30 to 3:25

IPRO Reviews:  How to Prepare – and Nail Them!
In this session, Jane Hamilton will delve into her lengthy expertise both operating sbhcs for Bassett Healthcare and being audited to discuss the purpose of an IPRO review and how to best prepare for document submission and onsite reviews. Having just experienced an audit in October this year, Jane will share Bassett’s experience of their four site IPRO review and the lessons learned from it.
Presenter:  Jane Hamilton
3:30 to 4:25

Modernizing and Maximizing Mental Health Prevention Strategies
Dr. Blitzer will lead a discussion on adaptations and innovations in mental health outreach and prevention developed in response to the challenges and barriers created by the pandemic. Topics will include leveraging technology to improve outreach, supporting the school community through SEL support and consultation and creating effective online mental health programming.
Presenter: Julie Blitzer, PhD
4:30 to 5:25

Wednesday 11/10

Kick-off for Day 2 
Starting us off on Day 2, our mini-keynote presenter is high school principal Daryl Blank, who will provide words of wisdom from his experience working collaboratively with (and in support of) his school’s sbhc. We welcome his encouraging input!
Presenter: Daryl Blank, Principal
2:10 to 2:30

Data is Power: Making the Case for NY SBHCs
Ever wondered how other SBHC networks compare to yours? Are you curious how New York SBHCs are meeting the needs of youth across the state? Please join Apex Evaluation as they showcase data trends from 54 SBHCs representing urban, rural, and NYC clinics in the state of New York.
Presenters:  Carlos Romero and Jamie Duvall
2:30 to 3:25

Lessons Learned: Operating an SBHC during the Pandemic
Practically overnight, we have had to change all of our longstanding protocols and workflows. Our field has been at the intersection of two of the hardest hit areas of this pandemic – schools and healthcare. While we’re all still learning, our colleagues across the field have come up with innovative new strategies and we’re eager to learn from one another. This session will feature a panel of SBHC leaders sharing lessons learned over the past 18 months of the covid-19 pandemic. Discussion will include such topics as outreach and enrollment, covid testing and vaccination in SBHCs, and partnership with schools. Join us to share your own ideas and experiences and to hear those of your colleagues.
Presenter: Rachel Evans, Susanna Banks
3:30 to 4:25

NYS DOH Bureau of Child Health SBHC Session
In our final session of the 2021 conference, the NYS Department of Health will provide a brief overview of some of the innovative work performed by SBHCs addressing the changing health care environment as we continue to deal with the impacts of COVID-19 as well as some of the goals for work moving forward into the next year. The floor will be opened to address relevant questions from SBHC providers.
Presenters: Stephanie Sheehan, Suzanne Swan and Michael Battenfeld
4:30 to 5:25