How the PC-SBHC Project Became National School-Based Medical Home Standards

The Patient Centered School Based Health Care (PC-SBHC) quality standards project was a collaboration of NYSBHA, the Monetfiore School Health Program and the Primary Care Development Corporation, piloting a draft set of standards adapted from NCQA’s 2014 Patient Centered Medical Home model defining 3 levels of SBHC service encouraging a full service, comprehensive model of integrated primary health care. The principal aim of this pilot project was to implement these standards at five SBHCs, analyze the feasibility of transformation and, post pilot, advocate for the adoption of the finalized PC-SBHC standards by school health funding and regulatory agencies. PC-SBHC has completed the pilot phase. The standards contain several elements which recognize the unique strengths and challenges of SBHCs. The five NYC pilot sites worked diligently towards meeting the standards. Documentation was reviewed by representatives from SBHA, the New York SBHA, the NYC Department of Health, and the Primary Care Development Corporation.  

Pilot Project Activities:
–   Pilot the standards in NY state ·
–   Work with SBHA to pilot the standards in other states
–   Identify an accrediting body to adopt the standards
–   Launch a NY based advocacy campaign for official recognition of the standards for enhanced revenue for SBHCs
 Expanding the pilot to to include additional sites from upstate New York to diversify both in service type, population served and geography

The results of the pilot testing of the standards demonstrate that the standards support practice transformation in SBHCs and are an achievable standard of care. The standards reflect both the quality standards put forth by NCQA for patient centered care and the strengths of the school health model.

NYSBHA submitted a request to NCQA on November 1, 2016 to consider the PC-SBHC standards for incorporation into the NCQA Recognition Program.  A meeting occurred in early 2017 with NCQA and the NYSBHA to crosswalk the PC-SBHC standards with the new 2017 PCMH standards to create a 2017 aligned version of PC-SBHC.

A finalized, aligned set of PC-SBHC standards was submitted to the NCQA board for approval in the late spring and approved in July 2017. NYSBHA offered a first glance and review of the new School-Based Medical Home Standards at its Annual Conference in October 2017.

For more information, see NCQA’s SBMH webpage or read NYSBHA’s press release.

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